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East Falls Business Directory>> Health and Wellness

Health and Wellness

Merge Dance Studio

4047 Cresson St.
2nd Floor Rear
Philadelphia, PA 19127

(215) 266-1311
Email Merge Dance Studio

Legacy Youth Tennis and Education

4842 Ridge Ave.

(215) 487-3477


Philadelphia Rock Gym

3500 Scotts Lane

877-822-7673 x3

Go to their Website.

East Falls Fitness
3751 Ridge Ave. 19132, 215-223-2311


Blue Skies Center for Chiropractic Care

Dr. Ronald T. Merriel

Sherman Mills at East Falls, 3502 Scotts Lane, Buidlling 1, Suite A-13.  (215) 844-8484.  Send an email to Dr. Merriel

Flat Rock Health

502 Scotts Lane Bldg.1, Suite 112



Infinity Health and Wellness – Cheryl Tyler

3502 Scotts Lane, Bldg 17, Unit 1721                 

P: 267-338-9455    Send an email

Morion Nufable

GoldMed Health Card

Gateway Diversified LLC

3502 Scotts Lane, Suite 121 Philadelphia, PA 19129

East Falls Chiropractic
3425 Conrad St,, 215-849-3700


East Falls Eye Associates
4189 Ridge Ave., 215-844-2406

Web Page

Falls Pediatric & Teen Care


The Eye Institute at Falls Center

3300 Henry Ave.  (215) 276-6111

The Eye Institute at Falls Center

Roxborough Memorial Hospital

5800 Ridge Avenue

Philadelphia, PA  19128

O: 215.487.4442 | F: 215.487.4221


St. Chris Care at Falls Center

Charlene Brock, MD and Eileen Tyrala, MD/Pediatrics

3300 Henry Avenue

Phila. PA 19129




Mellow Massage Therapy Center
Sherman Mills Suite 1911, 3502 Scotts Lane, 215-843-2234

Michelle Levinski, LMT

Massage and Bodywork Therapies

3580 Indian Queen Lane, (215) 789-5260

Email Michelle Levinski

KNV Massage Therapy
Kimberlee Hills, 215-843-4635

Val's Vital Touch
Massage & Day Spa Services
3502 Scotts Lane, Suite 2121H- 215-844-6006

Well Being Healing Arts

Expression and Healing through Awarenewss, Psychotherapy

Heather Kilroy, MA, BC-DMT, LPC

3580 Indian Queen Lane, (267) 975-4426

Philadelphia Canoe Club
4900 Ridge Avenue, Philadelphia PA 19128, 215-487-9674

DNA Connect
3709 Midvale Ave., 215-849-0271

USANA Health Services


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